Can someone make me a cover for me?

Ostrong textMy story is called Forbidden lust LL and its about Aspen and her being in school for a lawyer and her teacher for her law class has the hots of her and becomes obsessed with her the pic is of her and her guy friend who is in love with her and the teacher who is obsessed in the middle can someone make a art cover for me out of this? Just curiousimage

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If you can use the 3 people
In the pic and then make them
Like the 3rd one you shared and have the girl
In the middle then men on each side of her that be awesome maybe have older one the teacher be looking at her with a lustily look lol

Idk if that can be done otherwise let me know :slight_smile: thanks

just these 3 whatever you can do with them

Remember the one one in the middle is the obsessed teacher

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No rush I’m at work till late tonight anyway I appreciate it whenever you can get it done is fine :slight_smile:strong text

Thanks!![quote=“Yuke, post:11, topic:291964, full:true”]
If you still need help, you can check out this shop!!


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