Can someone make me a cover for my episode story?

I am super super unartistic and I really want to have my own custom cover.
So anyone willing to make me one without me having to pay would be great.
my writing insagram is @mw.writes.episode
dm me for further details if you can.
Thank you!!

Title: Caught Up
Font: The same font that you did for “the locket”
Author: mw.writes.episode
Description: My story is about a Mafia family.
Rosalynn is the main character and she is the badass type that doesnt really enjoy relationships but then when she meets Matteo it all changes. She plays really hard to get, then later on she finds out more about Matteo that isnt very good and they get into a huge argument and what not.
The Mafia Family is kinda a badass family and nobody really messes with them
Zane and Karly are the parents and they are married
Rosa and Matteo start at strangers and later get together
Sky and Jonah are together
Rosa and Jonah are twin siblings.
Sky and Rosa are best friends
Zane is very very very protective over Rosa and Karly.
For your credit put your profile name in one of the bottom corners and ill do that for you credit.
Thank you!!

Who is who. its kinda hard to place them when I dont know