Can someone make me a cover for my story coming soon?

Okay I’m writing a story and i need a cover but for free i can credit you on my story !
Limelight !


Is it ink or ll?

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can you provide some more details please ? i can try (:

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like what?

the story theme and what you want for the cover .

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okay The story name on the front ( Far Away)
Background : INT. MODEST SITTING ROOM - DAY (cut to zone 3 )
the character details :
skin tone : copper 00
brows : Arched natural (Medium Warm Brown)
hair : straight medium (medium Warm Brown)
eyes : Deepset Upturned Wide (Brown black)
Face : Diamond
nose : Defined Natural
Lips : Full Heart pouty (Peach gloss)
High waisted skinny jeans denim neutral black
wedge espadrilles cloth tan
(PP) beca boyfriend fannel
starry choker black gold

okay !

  • so only one character name on the front ?
  • what background & font style/colour ?
  • whats your/the author name ?
  • what character pose ?

author name : Ari blue
Character Pose : primp neutral
the background is upthere
the font style : idk whatever you want | coulor : White !
Thank you

great , i’ll get started :smile:

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wait the character pose

okayyy (:

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large or small cover ?

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I need thyem both could you do both?

yeah sure , do you want the same details for both ?

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Yes thank you a lot !

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no worries , i’ll pm you the covers <3