Can someone make me a cover for my story Lonely King

So I need help creating a cover for my story because I can’t draw anything or can’t edit

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I make edited covers!


i can help, message me if interested!
either on here or through insta - @bellepisodee

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If you still need an artist try checking out my art shop: Merr's art shop🦋 [OPEN&FREE]

if it’s in limelight, i’d be willing to make an attempt of your cover!
here’s a sample of my work:

DM me for the form if you want me to try and make one! <33

Here is some of my sample works.


Im not sure if i’m publishing yet or at all I just want to see how everything in my story is

perfect but I dont need a cover for that story i need a new cover for my new story if its not any trouble

those are just samples of some of my work to show you what they look like. if you want me to make a cover for you, DM me so i could give you a form for you to fill out with details about your story