Can Someone Make Me A cover Please

Can somebody make me a cover, I will be very patient and I will give full on credit in every episode. Here are the details.
Background ~

But can you make it blurry

Characters. Girl
Skin- Copper 05
Brows-Arched Thin
Hair-Long Wavy Parted Hair
Eyes- Angular Slender/ Color/Brown Dark
Face-Square Defined
Nose-Round Button
Lips-Full Heart Pouty/ Color: Pink Peach Medium Matte

Skin- Copper 05
Brows- Round Thin
Hair-Short Curly Fade
Eyes-Male Deep Sunken/ Dark Brown
Face-Square Long Jaw Shadow
Nose-Straight Pointed
Lips-Full Lower Lip Sharp/ Neutral Medium Nude Matte

Girl ~ Kiss Give
Boy ~ Kiss Receive

Leave Space on half of it

We can!
Check out our thread!!

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Hey girl! Check out my thread, The Magic Turtle Art Official Shop. We’d love to help you!:grin:

Good because I need two

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I will be requesting to both of you


Great, credit us with @Episode_Wishy

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I sure will

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