Can someone make me a cover :>>

Can someone make me a cover :?

You can make a request here on our shop if you like, you can see examples of our work and then specify which of us you’d like to do it :slight_smile:

I have check your shop, it look amazing, but I’m so sorry :(( I feel like you have alot of order to work with, so I wouldant to wait for another designer

Fair enough, no problem

Do you still need a cover? I am willing to help…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

yes, can you post some of your cover example?

Yeah sure but I mostly have some edits but I think I have some cover examples let me see what’s im my computer give me like 5 min


Okay I think these are my examples I wasn’t really focusing on covers like so They may not be so good


can you pm me ? I dont want to discuss this public

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You can request here

I can also help :slight_smile:
I have made these:

Art #1

Art #2

(It says ©Lady Anne because it was for a contest and I didn’t want anyone stealing it)

Art #3

Although this one isn’t finished :slight_smile:

I do mostly edits, but I can also just photoshop original photos of characters onto backgrounds.