Can someone make me a cover!

Good Afternoon!!
So I am looking for someone to make me a cover photo for my new story.
Hopefully someone can do it for free since I’m very much broke.
If someone is willing to do it and have it done as soon as possible that would be fantastic.
Thank You!

look at my forum

Title: Kidnapped
Author: mw.writes.episode
Description: Rosalena is sent on a mission to distrac Blaze so her father Dawson and knock him out and kidnap him. But when the mission goes wrong and Blaze shoots Rosalena with a tranqulizer dart and he takes her, will she fall for him, will she try to escape or will she play by his game.
The order of the characters from top to bottom are:
Blaze- rosalenas forbidden lover
Lisa -jonah and rosalenas triplet
Jessalynn - blazes younger sister
Dawson - the triplets dad
Jonah - rosalenas and lisas triplet
Font: I want the same font as The Locket.
You can pick and appropriate background for me
Thank you!!


I forgot to mention, is there any possible way you could put Blaze and Rosalena standing next to and have Blaze’s crossed arms around her and his head kinda resting on hers because hes taller then her.

Try going to an art shop.

@line123462 said she can do it
but thank you

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Sure I can do that. he will properly look big compared to the others. any of the others who shall be same size as him

Okay thank you
He’s the tallest one in the story also so its fine if hes a little bigger then the others

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Her animation dont really fit the pose. her arm goes through his

is there any way to make her bent arm like go up and hold onto his hand that has the tattoo on it, if that makes any sense.
And if not, then I’ll just leave it how it is.

like this ?

thank you sm

wait, could you have Blaze do the same thing but have Rosalena in this pose.


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thank you for being patient with me lol

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its alrght. I tried people who was much worse

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that looks awesome!!!

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