Can someone make me a cover


My latest cover have a large size than 1M, so I can’t upload it, so I’m try to find someone who can make me both large cover and small cover and fit for the requires of app.


I can! Would you like to see examples?




I do three styles:

This is style one (Not just for limelight btw)

This is style 2

And this is style 3

(If they appear blurry you might need to click on them. All my works are high quality. And yes I can do the third style on a cover.)


can you make the large cover under 1MB if u make it, because the latest cover have the problem with the 1MB when I upload it, so …


i want style 2


Should be able to.


I am pm you


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This forum category is for suggestions, not for requests. If new member makes wrong thread, we can’t reply them sending covers, but informing them about guidelines.


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