Can someone make me a cover?

Can someone make me a background? The backdrop should be black, and there should be a girl’s hand sticking out of the bottom right corner. She should be holding one of the fourth of July sparkler things. I’m going to add the text, but I will give credit for it.
Oh and this should be the small cover, I think? The first one readers will see.

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Hi I can here’s my examples!

I can also

Can I see your art examples?


I can…

Those are all nice!

Thank you

Can I see your examples too?

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Could you make one so I can see it?

If you can make my background so I can see it?

Can you send me screenshot of the characters?

Actually how bout someone else take this one.

what does that mean?

I was hoping there wouldn’t be a character in the picture, just a hand? I will send when though

I’d like to see what you can of what I requested. If I don’t use one, I’m going to credit them and put that picture as an intro background

oh ok. ill get started

I’m done!

Cool, thanks. I’ll tell you if I’m using it. I want to see all my options.

But if you don’t use as a cover, you’ll use it in the intro, right? ‘Cause I don’t like making art people won’t use