Can someone make me a DRAWN cover art, please? (CLOSED)


I published my first story on Episode, and I don’t like the cover I made. Can someone make a drawn cover art? Big and small? I would really appreciate it! Thank you!


i can


Send the details here


Hey, is there any ways I can send the details through Instagram? It’s cool if I can’t.


Hey!!! Did you find an artist yet?? My team and I would love to help. Do you mind if I tag some?

@Chay @DoksanWrites


yeah you can


I can send you my example if u would like


Cool! What’s your Instagram?


But its better when you send it on our thread that way the members can do it




Please do!


Ooh okay !


also our rules say if your not gonna use ours don’t ask


here are some of my recents:

I work with @Chay so we can help. I would really love to…


These are covers but I can draw anything you want



Hey, I have someone making my cover already. Thank you so much for volunteering. But maybe you can make me a splash instead of the cover?


sure I would love to! Just send the details.


Do you have Instagram?


yep! Mine is @amani182_episode
my group acc is @episodestudio_


Okay! Thank you! I’ll send you details there !