Can someone make me a follow me on instagram background?

could please use this character doing the ‘flirt_wink’ animation
with this background
And can it read ; Go follow me @renae.epy for sneak peeks and updates

If it could be drawn that would be amazing…
If that’s not possible then that’s fine. but i would prefer for it to be drawn
Thank you xo

I’ll try to do it… It will be done in about maybe 1-3 hours? But do you want it full body, waist and up or shoulders up?

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Thank you! and that’s okay take your time lol. also preferably full body. but i don’t mind if you would find it easier to do waist up. :slight_smile: thanks again x

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Just finished it, and just a heads up i’m Not good with open mouths or smiling

Feel free to tell me to change anything

Holy crap! That’s so good! thank you so much what would you like me to credit you as?

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Just credit as @jossu.episode i wouldn’t ask for credit but i forgot to put my watermark on it so…just as @jossu.episode

haha okay x

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