Can someone make me a INK cover?

Hello!, if you do this thank you soo much!
I will credit you
It may be a little difficult
It can be Edited or drawn, i don’t mind which ever one is easier for you

How many characters:
1 character

my story is in INK

I don’t need it by a specific date but the sooner the better.

My preferred background is something that looks like a dark shadowy place, like hell. I also want there to be 4 shadows, shaped like people in the color gray. In the background Like this:

I want her be in the center of the screen and for her to to look like the grim reaper, with a black cloak and a scythe in her hand, like this, except you can see her face, she has a little smirk on her face, and her eyes glowing

skin: Tan
brow: Defined Natural
hair and color: beach waves and black
eyes and color: Downturned Natural and Auburn/red
face: Oval
nose: soft natural
lips and color: Full round and Ruby red

Black grim reaper cloak and Scythe in hand

The story title is Grim Reaper
I would like the title to be on the bottom or the top

Thank you soo much! :blob_hearts: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

You can send your request to my shop
This is my shop

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Thanks :blob_hearts:


Are you still in need of a cover?

Omg im sooo sorry for the late reply :woman_facepalming: I haven’t been on episode forums lately
But yes i do still need it, if your still available

I can have that done in a bit!

Thank youu! :blob_hearts:

So I am actually starting that now, something came up but it will be to you shortly!!!

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Okay thanks :blob_hearts:

Are any of the grey people dating?
And what are the genders of them?

Do you like it? Let me know if you want anything changed!!

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OMG thank youu! yes I love it!! :blob_hearts: :crazy_face:
Do you want me to credit you under your episode forum name?
Also, since your good at this, I was wondering if you could make me a small cover as well?

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Glad you like it!! If there is anything you want added or changed, just let me know!
I would like to be credited by @aurore.episode in Instagram!
Yes! Just send me the info on how you want it!!!

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Okay thankyou!, ill send you the info in a little bit!

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Okay sooo
For my small cover I wanted it to be The same girl from the last cover you did, and I wanted her to be smirking with a knife in her hand kind of licking it (seductively, I guess you could say) Like this

Also her eye color popping out and little red demon horns on her head
The background is up to you, preferably something to do with hell, like the last background you did.
Her outfit:

Clothes Used

Moon Necklace

Diamonds Dress Red New

Devil Horns

Calf Boots Red

I want it to be mainly focused on her face, so don’t mind the shoes you can just zoom in on the upper half of her body.

Let me know if its too difficult

So, Episode won’t let you submit a picture with knives or guns or anything. Is there anything else you had in mind?

Sorry for the late reply again
But oh, i didn’t know that, I guess instead of a knife it could be her licking a stack of money,
lmao i know it probably sounds weird but its about the storyline.

Yeah I can do that, where I ive it is 2 AM so i will start later today!

Oh sorry for replying that late :woman_facepalming:, I live in L.A, but thank you :blob_hearts: