Can someone make me a large and small cover?

I need a large and small cover for my upcoming story ’ The New Trend: Being Single '. i will give credit at the beginning and or end of the episode of the story, and on the cover

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omg i can’t draw for sh*t but I wanna read that! but ik someone hold on.

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lmaoooo, i started cracking up at this… :lol: and thanks.

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too bad Im nowhere near done :frowning_face:

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well i will be your first reader! the title sounds sooooo good!

ill message you on Here, when its out…:wink:lmao

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she has an art shop

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yes please! :grin::grin::grin::grin:

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thanks, and dont worry you’ll be the first to now when its out



What’s your name on episode


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Ok thanks I’ll follow you and you follow me

Look out for Itz Kastin R.

I can’t find it have you published any stories

mines veganwater
tee hee heee

Which One

This one

oh that b*tch! the first one the best one