Can someone make me a limelight cover?

Details below:

The story is called “Forced love”

Main character is Kaylee.

Kaylee: gold 2 skin, arched natural brows, long straight loose solid hair (color black dark), deepset upturned wide eyes (color blue aqua), diamond face, round button upturned nose, full flat top pouty lips (color peach matte).

Cash: (her fiance shes forced to marry): gold 2 skin, round thin brows, medium taper wavy hair (color medium brown), owl wide eyes (color red), Chiseled Square Stubble Shaved face, button round nose, Medium Heart mouth (color fair gold matte)

Marcus: (the boy who wants to marry Kaylee) rose 04 skin, round thin brows, wavy messy hair (color blonde medium), owl wide eyes (color violet), chiseled Square Stubble Shaved face, button round nose, medium heart mouth (color rose light nude matte)

Thank you in advance!

(I watermarked it so no one would take it, if you liked it… I can send you the NON watermarked version if you like the cover)Also I’m not really a pro at covers but I can change the theme to however you like! I really do hope you like it if not that’s okay!!!

Thanks! I like it, if it isnt to much work for you to take off the water park, can you? Thanks.

The beach water?? That’s part of the background… Unless you want a different background then I’m afraid I can’t take off the water :slightly_frowning_face: I’m sorry.

Or did you mean the “WATERMARK” words?

Oh yea so sorry, I meant watermark, thanks!

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Glad I could help :blush: