Can someone make me a limelight outfit template?



Hey so I’m a noob and don’t really understand how to create outfit choices, so I was wondering if any of you talented people out there could make me a script template for six outfit choices?

You don’t have to label the outfits anything special, just outfit 1, outfit 2 , etc.

I’ll give you credit if I use it! Thanks! :blush:


I will do it if you would like! :smile:


Do you want mannequins to be in it? Like viewers see mannequins wearing the outfits and they can have the character change into them?

PS: I know you said not to use labels but I kind of need to to make the dressing game I hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:


Yes, I could help you out or the lovely user above me who provides awesome tips <3


You’re so nice! :slight_smile:


@Sydney_H can you close this thread? Someone pm-ed me and I’ve found what I was looking for! :smile:


PLEASE! I need help doing this too! I’m writing my first script in LL and any help would be amazing!


I can make it for you!



Topic closed by OP request.