Can someone make me a menu option? Plz! idk how to do it

Please credit and all that WILL be given xx

What kind of menu are you looking for?

One with Skip chapter, read story, customize and maybe one with credits (optional).

I would like one that depending on the chapter the customize menu isnt their. I hope you understand what am saying hha

I do! It might take a while but I can make one for you.

Really Awesome! Can it be pink and blue (Mainly blue with hits of pink and a nice writing haha) . Also its mafia xx

Oh wait, you meant with overlays? I am not qualified enough to make one with overlay choices, I’m sorry ^^;

Okiii np! Ty for attempting

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Mary D Sava has a YouTube video showing you how to make a beautiful template with the stuff you’re looking for, except for the credits. I’ve coded the template and could give it to you but there are a few things you would have to do on your own (watch the video and you’ll understand what I’m talking about).

Here’s the link: EPISODE: Simple yet awesome intro - YouTube

I can give you the coding for an outro with a ‘credits’, ‘FAQ’ ‘view points’ and ‘support me’ option if you would like. Let me know!

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Yes plz omg! Life saver

I can make some text overlays for you if you still need some

Here’s my shop for more info

My shop

Alima’s Free Editing Shop

Here’s the link to my outro, enjoy<33

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