Can someone make me a new paper. With a few different new stories on it?

So…I need a newspaper overlay, with 4 different articles.
2 are gonna be the same cause it is big news; The headline is: **Local Girl Valerie Silvers was killed last njght after going to a nightclub. She was killed when she was going home. **

The have a few lines under that the normal stuff talking about the incident. And maybe make the words less visible as you go down the paper.

Then repeat this again.

The other 2 are just random and can you make them up.

Please let me know if you understand and can do it! Thank you so so much!

@PizzaLover @FlowerGriefer
Can you help me?

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Hi @Danielle318 I’d love to help but my computer isn’t working right now so I have to take a leave from making backgrounds and such until I get the issues sorted :cold_sweat::persevere::tulip:


I actually am on holiday and I don’t have my computer with me

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It’s fine! I understand! @PizzaLover and @FlowerGriefer but when you can help (whenever possible) than that would be amazing!

Thank you!