Can someone make me a pfp please?

Hi! I’m kinda lazy so can someone make me a pfp? Please make it edited :blush: with a puppy there

Skin tone: Fair

Hair: Straight

Hair color: Auburn

Eyes: upturned feline

Eye color: blue

Eye brows: seductive arch

Nose: upturned

Face shape: oval

Mouth: classic

Mouth color: cherry red

Pose: blow_kiss (OR WHATEVER IT’S CALLED)


Something like this

But kissing the dog. Hope that’s not too complicated :wink:

I could edit the character on the background but I might not be skilled enough to move the puppy closer to her lips.

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I know but like I want it edited and I’m on the computer and I’M LAZY

oof same haha

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:eagle: BUMP! :eagle:

Do you still need a pfp?

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Alright! I think you know where my thread is, can you make the request there?

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