Can someone make me a quick background + some overlays?

Hopefully, this is the right place to post this.

I need an imessage background made and possibly message overlays for the texts.
By imessage background I mean like the screen you see when you first open the app (The one with all the people you’re texting/people who texted you) and a blank background to put texts (overlays) over later.

If anyone can help me with this then thanks! I tried to make them myself but backgrounds are not my best talent…

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Try this instead.

I mean I would use that but I think that a text conversation with actual texts that come up with an imessage bg would look better in my story than 2 characters off the sides of the screen talking over a cellphone bg.
Thank you anyway!

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No. The text format.

set format phonetext
Hi! How are you?
Hi… who are you?

Oh sorry, I hadn’t scrolled down in and saw that part! I suppose I could do it like that. Thank you, and again sorry for not reading that properly!

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It will look like this.


It’s cool.