Can Someone Make Me A Script Template?

I need this overlay:

To go fall from the top to the bottom in 0.5

Credit will be given

@overlay OVERLAY shifts to X Y in 0.5 in zone 1

I think that will work.

Another topic that covered this.

Just place the overlay at it’s starting position (the top of the screen) then find out the number coordinates for the bottom of the screen and shift the overlay there in however many seconds you want.

@overlay OVERLAY NAME shifts to [starting spot] in zone # in 0
@overlay OVERLAY NAME shifts to [bottom spot] in zone # in [time]

More on how to use overlays here: A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS

Hey thanks for your help, but my overlay doesn’t pop up unless it’s approved so I was hoping somebody could make it in details for me :slight_smile:

Approved or not, you can still use and test your overlays. If it’s not showing up, then you aren’t adding it to the scene correctly. Read through that guide I posted above and it tells you how to add overlays.

Yeah but I know how to add them, but because I can’t see the overlays I don’t know where I need to place them :slight_smile:

I don’t know :woman_shrugging: I does come when it’s approved tough :slight_smile:

How are you adding it to the scene? If it’s not showing up then you’re either not adding the zone or you used the create command but didn’t shift, scale, and use opacity.

@overlay GUN create
@overlay GUN shifts to 80 240 in 3.0 in zone 1

This is what I use, it works with my other overlays tough

If you use the create command, you need to also add in the scales, shifts, and opacity commands as well.

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Okay thanks!

Thank you! :heart:

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