Can someone make me a small cover

The Earth

One Side of the Earth is normal And the Other side is dark and Evil

The the Story Title New World

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I think I can do that. is it just the earth planet. or like the ground earth

Earth Planet

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like this or diffrent

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Hey, I can do that I think… See if you like my work: I will make FREE covers for your story! [OPEN] [FAST]

If so, ill get started with the normal/dark and evil earth :slight_smile:

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I like this one

You think you Could put the title on it ?

If not, its fine

the first you posted

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ofcourse I just wanted to know before I did it

okay :slight_smile:

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Do you want an author name on it

I love it.

How do I Credit you

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Yeah You Can put the Author Name

Thanks but I dont need credit for this. its just a free to use picture .

what is the author name is it just your profile name?

but I would be happy if you would give my story a look. you dont have to read it if you dont like it

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Thank you Again

And Of course :slight_smile:

Author: KimRigsby1

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and for the big cover

You Did Amazinggg

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glad you like it