Can someone make me a splash(LL)

ok so in need a splash

i need 2 charaters in it here are there deets

Nova details

Body:Female Athletic Body(Neutral 04)
Brows; Arched Natural(Dark Brown)
Hair:Long Down Wavy Princess Braid(Medium Brown)
Eyes:Deepset Upturned Wide(Hazel)
Nose:Defined Natural
Mouth:Full Round Pouty(Neutral medium Nude Matte)

Elijah details

Body:Male Athletic Body(Neutral 03)
Brows;Straight Medium(Dark Black)
Hair:Slicked Back Side Shaved Tousled(Black Dark)
Eyes:Deepset Downturned Lidded(Brown Black)
Face:Male Generic
Nose:Straight Pointed
Mouth:Full Heart Natural(Rose Light Nude gloss)

Here are there outfiits

Both of there outfits

i would like this background

i would like this wording 'Previously on Love or Hate?"
any font ,color white

i would like them looking at eachouther angry and one charater one each side

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Come to our shop we’d love to help you!!

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I can do it! (:

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I can make it for you if you still need it!