Can someone make me a splash please? <3

I would be so appreciate if someone could make me a splash. I need Warning and Sound. You don’t have to use both characters, you can use both, one of them or none :slight_smile:
If you have any questions PM me :kissing_heart:
Their details are:

The girls details are:
Skin: honey
Brows: seductive arch
Hair: straight black
Eyes: upturned feline green
Face: round
Nose: soft natural
Lips: full round ruby red
Outfit: deep v short dress, femme fatale black leather heels black boho feather earrings

The boys details are:
Skin: light
Brows: Medium sharp
Hair: short cropped hair (chestnut)
Eyes: stoic almond (blue)
Face: chiseled square
Nose: button
Lips: smirk (toffee)
Outfit: basic sneakers (black)
Black tight pants
Black plain suit shirt and tie

You can change their outfits if you want, they can be in underwear, business clothes, anything!
Thank you in advance :sparkling_heart:
Merry Christmas! :green_heart:

I could do your but it would be done by Monday or Tuesday is that ok?

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of course! thank you!!

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Your welcome :blush:

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