Can someone make me a splash please?

Hey! I need one splash just like this,


But can it say:
Episode 4
To recognise a stranger
Thanks so much! :heart_eyes:

hey! i could do it for you :yellow_heart: do you have any preferred background or fonts for it? what kind of vibe?

I wan’t it just like the example but just a different text.

ah, is it okay if i make it a little bit different? i think its pretty hard to find the exact same background and font

Yeah that’s fine! :heart:

sorry for the wait, here you go ! I made it on two different backgrounds, unsure of which one is more similar. hope you like it ! be sure to credit @Sophbee on episode/forums !

thank you :yellow_heart:

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Wow this ai amazing thank you sm! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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glad you like it ! :yellow_heart:

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@Jeremy, please could you close this thread now. Thanks.

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