Can someone make me a splash? Please


I need someone to make me a splash. I’m a new author and would love a splash.


Go ahead and submit a request to my splash thread and I’ll make it happen, you gotta wait for a bit though. I’m currently doing my midterms and I have orders to catch up on, Even though it’s closed I can make an execption for you. :slight_smile:


wow, thank you so much! I will be submitting it on that thread. thank you!


hey I’m new here too. what are splashs?


Click on the thread to check out some examples of what splashes are.


hello. I’m a new author too. I don’t get how you link the choices to the same story line after. For example, say I had someone choosing their character a dress and I just wanted the exacts same story line for each one after would I have to repeat my whole set of episodes or can you make them come back to the same line of script??:sweat_smile:


Hi, Helen. You can click on this thread Script Help Thread
and ask it on that thread. Hope this helps.


For this all you do is copy the part of the script with the dressing game and paste it into ur new episode.


adding onto that just click here Dressing Game template by Dara.Amarie


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: