Can someone make me a splash!?

Hello there,

I am in the need of a splash that says: Attention! This story has a MALE main character!

Thank you in advance.

I can do it

Thanks. Can I see an example?

Ok, let me find one


Nice! Can you make it?

Which one would you prefer? ( The E of episode on the last one is tappable if you use a tappable overlay under it)

I think I’d prefer the last one.

I just write this story has a MALE main character?

pretty much.

If you want put this tappable overlay under the E↓


np :slightly_smiling_face:

When I try to add it as a background, it says it is too small.

Is there anyway you can resize it?

yeah, what size you want it?

Just normal, one pannel background.

The image is already 640 1136, I think when you save it it changes the size. I know a site where you can change the size of a picture, let me find it