Can someone make me a splash?

I need a splash that says “This story will be continued”
I need there to be 5 characters on the front if you can fit them.

I want this girl to be in the middle faces left and doing the animation talk_forward, so she it facing forward

I want this character to be on the left side facing left and doing the animation talk_exclaim_yes

This character to be doing eyeroll on the right on the girl faces right and doing the animation eyeroll

I would like this character to be on the far left facing left behind the boy with the red hair and doing the animation talk_excited

And lastly, this beauty. I would love for this person to be positioned on the right facing right behind the person in black. And doing the animation talk_exclaim_yes

If you could make this for me just reply. You will be majorly credited. If you have anymore questions, then just tell me and I will answer them for you.

I can!

Thank you. I would like the background to be sort of like this:

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Ok! I can do that. It’ll probably be done by today or tomorrow

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I’ll be fine to wait however long it takes. Just take your time.

How’s it going? I’m not trying to sound impatient or anything. Just making sure everything is going smoothly.:smile:

I will do one and you can choose out of mine and hers!

I will be doing custom animations, though for a more awesome twist. :wink:


What character does this girl like?Girl%201

Skin tone: Light
Eyebrows: Thick Flat
Hair: High Ponytail, Auburn
Eyes: Round Bold, Blue
Face shape: Oval
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Classic, Rose

And can the custom animation be similar to the ones I listed?

no who does she like/her love interest

Her love interest is not on the splash that I want.


sorry this is too much you

What do you mean?

I can’t do it, I am sorry

Oh it’s okay.

It is. Sorry, school’s in the way rn. But, i need their character details

Of each character?