Can someone make me a split screen call?

I would need this zone 1

And this zone 1

Please lmk if you can help I’m kinda writing this scene right now so asap would be great :joy:

Okay but how?

idk :joy:

I don’t understand it. Can you please tell me clearly

i’m having two characters have a conversation on the phone and I wanted the bg to be like a split screen call

Okay I will done it for you but in tomorrow because it was very night

okay thank you

I could get it done right now :slight_smile:

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Do you want a line in between?
Or no

no line please

If anything else I am available for solve anything you need

okay thank you!

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Do you work in your new story?


thank you sm <3

No problem! :slight_smile:

What your story title?

Thanks for your help her.

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repeating history