Can someone make me a story cover? READ DESC x

Can anyone make me a cover for my story? The story is called “Nothings going on” and this is one of the characters.

Could you make the cover look kinda like, sexy? idk that sounds weird but its a romance story so yeah. leave any questions below. Also tell me what your style is like xx

I cant put 2 pictures up so im going to tell you the boys look…
Skin - honey
Hair - blue pompadour
Eyes - green, Classic Round
Nose - Button
Face shape - Defined Triangle
Eyebrows - Bushy wide

If you are going to do this, make him wear them rippled black jeans, black sneakers and no top, (cause its gonna be sexyy :wink: ) AND THE ROSE TATTOO.

also put the title in the cover in whatever way you like, remember SEXYY :slight_smile:
Okay thank you so much whoever is gonna help me, probably no one but oh well. Thank you so much and please comment. xxxx


Hey if you need some art… come to me! I have my own art thread and would love some new requests!

Here’s the link, feel free to check it out, and examples are at the beginning of the thread!

Thanks! :two_hearts:
Ps: please request your art ON the thread for me to put it on my waiting list and complete it ASAP :kissing_heart:

Thank you so much for offering!! i was wondering if you could do it drawn like the description i put in my post? is that alright? xx

Yep but drawn covers take a little longer, especially since I’m on holiday and won’t always be on my phone… but please request it on my thread :wink:

No problem xx

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Can I try for fun I’m bored as hell.

Episode harmony can im with @Rac5hel

Episode Harmony Official Request Shop (Open)(Updating)

Hi @Episode.Harmony I don’t understand your comment

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HEYYY omg i love this girl <3 but you remove my name and change the hair to long black straight hair? not the one with the fringe? i messed up im so sorry but i fkn love it!! tysm <3

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But I made it for you??

Yeah i know im just looking for other ones to use but that one is going to be in all my chapters, i love it x

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Oh ok :sweat_smile:

I hope this is okay!


you are so talented!!!

could you make it so its smaller because its too big and it wont let me upload it xx

didn’t mean to send that twice lol x

Hope that’s better :slight_smile:

Could you make it smaller? because i cant upload it… But tysm i love it sm xxx

ill go check, i love it so much xx