Can Someone Make Me A Story Cover


Who Can Make Me A Story Cover Large & Small


I can help you out! Tell me the detail so and the description.
Claire :kissing_cat:


The Story Title Is Who Are You ?

Ok The Character Above I Wanted Her To Have A Scared Reaction

OK I Want This Character To Have A Gun In Her Hand Pointing @ The Character On The Above

Author : MissUnique

I Want Both Small & Large Cover


Ok sounds good! I have a question:
What background do you want? Can it be black?


No I Want This Background




Ok! I’ll start right now,


How Is The Cover Coming Along Im Not Rushing I Was Just Asking To Make Sure You Havent Forgot


IM continuing it, just t9 let you know, I’m getting a lot of requests for sounds and mature theme song splashes.


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: