Can someone make me a tappable overlay timer template?

What is the chpt.1 or times up overlay?

How did you show the moving pictures

You mean the gifs? Or the animated timer? :slightly_smiling_face:

The one in the post above shows a moving picture showing the story. It shows the author holding a gun

Oh, it’s a recording from the “Preview” tool on the Writer’s Portal. I just used PowerPoint to record my screen, saved the mp4 files, and used Photoshop to convert them into gifs (moving pictures) :blush:

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Wait I am confused can I pm you

Sure! Sorry I didn’t elaborate, I just don’t want to be off-topic :slightly_smiling_face:

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omfg please send me the overlays and the script please i’ll shout u out and make sure to credit u pleasee
Here’s a link to my google drive! I’ve uploaded two scripts: one for 3 options and one for two options.
I’ve also uploaded a variety of colors of timer you can choose from (green, blue, pink, and the original purple).
I’ve also uploaded the choice “buttons” so you have an example of the size they should be.

@Jayden_cant_official you can find the overlays here too :slight_smile:



Should I give you credit?

Could I use this please?

I am using it, it’s great! I am doing a blue one. I think all you need to do is give @Caitoriri credit.

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Ok thsnk you

It’s ok!


If you use any of the overlays I’d like credit since I drew them myself, but if you just use the code there’s no need to credit me :slight_smile:


How do you want me to credit?

However suits you. You can do it on Instagram or during the scene you use it or at the end of the chapter… I don’t really mind, whatever works best for your story! :slight_smile:


omfg tysmm

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