Can someone make me a text overlay please!

Hiya guys!
I am in need of some text overlays for my story! Can someone please help me out!
I need some text overlays that are in cursive and are peach (color).
They should say:

  • Chapter 41
  • Chapter 42
  • Chapter 43
  • And so on until chapter 50

Thank you so so much for helping me out, and be sure to let me know how to credit you!


i can

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ill send them in a second
i just have to make them

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Thank you so much!

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all good!!

would you mind also making some that say:

  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
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sure thing!

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Thank you!

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i will do the seasons now but i have finished the chapter overlays, please tell me if theres anything you need changed

chapter overlays

i stuffed up chapter 29 in the last one so i re did it sorry

here it is sorry

here are the season 1-4 overlays

season overlays

you can credit me through my Instagram name @mia_writes.x

Thank you so so much! These are perfect! Sorry I couldn’t get back to you. It was super late here

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its alright im happy you like them!

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incase you ever need more text overlays.