Can someone make me an art scene? (LL)

Ok how do you want them to hug do you want them to hug like in episode storys or with there arms around each other?

with their arms around each other


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One question if it’s done will you put it in here or do you send it somewhere else?

is the edit almost done?

Hey episodefanfourever!
If the edit isn’t done by now, I would do it for you! (Just one edit) If you have Instagram, Dm me: @Dogforever.Episode ! If it’s done, I never wrote this.
Love, Dogforever :dog::dog2:

thank you, i’ve send you a message. my insta name is mymagicworldz.episode

I’m SO SORRY i haven’t answered you back if you still need it i will make it right now

its not needed anymore, and don’t be sorry its okay