Can someone make me an art scene or book cover?

Something like this:

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Just need More details and I can do it :grin:

Something like that picture
Story title: The Study Visit
number of characters =1
Characters looks =Body cooper 02, brows arched natural ginger red, hair Long Wavy Loose Bangs Sideswept strawberry blond, eyes Deep Set False Lashes Smokey Eye hazel, face Diamond Defined Contour, nose Defined Natural, lips Full Round Pouty pink peache medium matte.
Specific poses for characters =something like shush_neutral_pose but from the front
Any other details =Make her look like sexy fbi agent
Description: When readhead girl like Ginger decides to go to UK many secrets will come out. Will she be able to find her secretly hidden dad? What else will happen?
It’s a mystery

Form for art scenes:

number of characters =2
Characters looks =the same as first one I’ll write the other one later
Specific poses for characters =kissing
Background image
Thank you.