Can someone make me an edited cover for 2 of my stories?

I know I might be asking for a lot but it would mean the world to me who can​:blush::heart:

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I can for free if you want

You can check out my artshop Trixxzilla Art Shop :art:. We have both free and commission artist there.

Trixxzilla Art Shop 🎨

Trixxzilla Art Shop 🎨 (free and commission arts)

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@Devil_Herself , @CIA_WRITES , @Akanksha.writes can help and me too :laughing:


Thank you!

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Best of luck with the search and if you find no one then either ask any four of us or come at art shop I would recommend Ocean art shop


Okay I found someone but thank you

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If you ever need again I can. And I work pretty fast. You get it within three days

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Are you still available to make an edit for me?

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Hey, if you’re still looking, I could take a crack at it.

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DMing you!

Hi I was wondering if anyone can make a edited cover for me for free or if someone knows someone who can make a edited cover .