Can someone make me an empty room based on this picture? [BG attached]

-3 zones would be perfect :grinning:

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where’s this image from?

just the walls, windows, curtains, panels, chandelier, the lamp… uhm… whoa that is not so empty after all. basically I want a 3-zone background of that picture without table and chairs upfront. :sweat_smile:

that’s right, like it’s one big room. But if someone can make the table and chairs as overlays that’d be awesome! :relaxed:

I can make the overlays, so I will make three panels with the table and chairs or not with it?

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three panels, like one big room without the table and chairs in the background itself but the table and chairs will be overlays.

Yes :+1:

I’m still not finished with the episode so I’m not really in a hurry. one or two weeks is fine :slight_smile: can’t wait to see it!

I won’t take that much time :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: maybe few hours or a day

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as an overlay perhaps :grinning:

Got it

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hmm, I can’t remember. Just saw it from google images I think. Maybe it doesn’t have to be a complete copy if there’s gonna be a problem… the new background could just be inspired from this one :woman_shrugging:

sure thing.


It will look gray I guess

Hey I am really sorry :neutral_face:, plz don’t be mad but I couldn’t do the edits cuz it is really complicated and I am really sorry if I wasted ur time :pensive:

oh okay…

can you perhaps delete your comment so that other people could do it?


It’s not perfect, but I did what I could :sweat_smile: