Can someone make me an envelope background please?

Hi I need an background please
I want is an unopen envenlope that says Culinary institute of Ocean Bay and it’s to Noah Santana from the institute. He lives in episode city. Lol and the second overlay I need is Noah’s hand opening the envelope and the page is still inside the envelope and you can read it still even tho it’s half open. I want it to Manly be an a letter saying he got excepted into the school and starts fall semester in a couple weeks. His skin tone is neutral 03
Can anyone make it for me? Please and thank you
And I will credit you (:

Of course, I’ll get started right away :slight_smile:

So just to be clear, you’d like two backgrounds, one where the envelope is unopened, and one where, Noah’s hand is opening it, correct?

Would you like the envelope to be on a table or in his hand?
(Sorry for all the questions lol)
takes deep breath
How much should you be able to see?
Do you want the words to be in fancy letters or what font?
Do you want a third background of his hand holding the entire letter with all the words?
What date does he start on?

Oh and where does he live?

Thank you so much!
Noah Santana lives in episode city lol
One background would be him holding the unopened envelope (: and the second can be him reading the paper :memo: I just want his hand to be showing. And it’s from the Culinary institute of Ocean Bay. It is 3 hours away from his home. It can be California

And the words can be regular font except for the title of the college I want to be any type of cursive that’s readable :heart_eyes: thank you so much! And also he is limelight

Sorry I’m working on it :confused:
School’s just really… ugh. You know? I have a lot of work sorry.

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Amazing! :heart_eyes: