Can someone make me an episode cover? Thanks🖤

Omg! Can you please teach me how to do poses like those without making my characters look so weird ):


A software for graphic designing and image post editing

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Of course! All I did was match the parts of the poses to the picture and I found the poses on Pinterest

Overnight Celebs is the story title and what do you mean by specifics?

What your characters look like like what, they’re hair, eyes and colours

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Moved to Art Resources since this is for cover art. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

do i need to tell you? because the 2 characters in the pic i showed are them

Do you want it drawn? If so I can attempt to. Here’s an example of one I made:

I’m kinda new to digital art though

Yes please. Their features so I can design them exactly the way you want them to look.

So for example body colour, face shape, eye shape/colour, nose, hairstyle/color etc


So for one of my females, olive skin, with cat like feminine eyes, ice blue eye color, light brown hair, in a bun

Also a skinny face. You know with a jawline. Small nose.

My other character is a little darker skin. Copper like with long ice white hair in a sleek ponytail. Same cat like feminine eyes . Deep blue eye color. Small nose. Defined face and jawline.

Preferably digital art like. I really like how that looks. Or if someone can find people that do it lol. I want to see how they come out and which one I want. Thank u :white_heart:

No worries, I’m just about to head to work now but when I’m done I’ll start working on it

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Update, I’m working on it now. Just tinkering with a few poses x

So I’ve been tinkering around and I’ve come up with this.
You are more than welcome to say you don’t like it, but the black and white really captures the Hollywood theme. I always thought of Hollywood as vintage movies and movie reels and black and white.

I’ll be more than happy to change it if you don’t like.

If you want me to design the title as well, let me know xx

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HOLY CRAP YOUR GOOD. Can you make the right girls eyes like the left one? Not winking but you know the shape :black_heart:

also i would love the title designed thank you :blush: :white_heart:

No problemo, I’ll just use the same eyes.

Just remind me what the title was again?