Can someone make me an outro please?


If anyone can make me an outro that would be much appreciated I would need it too say that my instagram gives sneak peeks and that the story will be continued! lmk if you can help!


i can help you!


thank you so much


ok did you want a character on your outro?


yes please!

AND 2018-09-01%20(1) The two in black are in the story and the other one is the author


and a specific type of background?


No surprise me!






i might need to give it to you tommorow because it wont let me upload it rn


okay I’m not done the new episode yet anyway


Is it ready?


like ten to sixteen minutes




okayy I’m so excited to see it.


ok do you want them in the same pose as it is nw or no?


no you can do whatever poses you think look the best (the blonde one is the author and the other two are the mc’s)


Hey hows it going?