Can someone make me an overlay? (info below!)

heyy, so im looking for an overlay for point systems that says “golden +1” , “golden +2” , and “golden -” the color should be a gradient medium yellow and the font can be any script font thats easy to read.

i will absolutely give credits to you on my story for when its released! :3

my instagram : @lisa.writesz ( js in case u need more information or want to send me the overlays there or anything else ! )

similar fonts that id like

Something like these, or not quite?

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yess exactly like those!!

Do you prefer the shadow or the 3d looking text? x

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i like the one with the light yellow stroke more though!

The second one?

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Is the font okay, or would you prefer a more cursive one? I could attempt to find a prettier one for you x

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i like the font , tyy tho <3

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Hey, I thought I’d make you some options just in case!

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Let me know if you want any changes done!

If you do decide to use these, you can credit me @kennedyepisodex on instagram! :heartpulse:

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tysm , these r beautiful! ill give u credits once my story is released ! :two_hearts:

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If you need anymore things written, just me let me know! :heartpulse:

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of coursee

i have a question do u do tappable overlays as well? x

Yeah! I have made my own in the past.

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can u make me some tappable overlays?

What would you like them to say? Also what font?

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the same font and coloring you did with the other text overlays and they should all say , “customize” , “continue” , “start” , “points” , “credits” , “end” , “faq” and like a bubble bg

I can’t provide a bg, but I can definitely make the text overlays, with the font, I provided 3 so let me know which one!

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