Can someone make me an overlay out of this pls?

hey so im doing a revamp and i need these overlays if you can make them

Day version

Sunset/sunrise version

Night version

I need the table, the couches and the colomn
Thanks in advance to who decides to do it for me!

I’m cutting them out right now, but where are these from? :thinking:

It looks like a Choices BG…

Is that allowed?

Don’t think so. They look a lot like Episode BGs, so most people say they are Episode hidden backgrounds. Just Episode backgrounds, they are copyrighted. I’d wait for the original poster to answer.

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Due to them not having stated where they are from, I wouldn’t post the overlays publicly, as someone may use them even if the backgrounds turn out to be from a copyrighted source.

So should I delete them…or what til they respond?

Well they come up on art station, which personally I’m unsure of how the artists distribute their work.
I never edit or make overlays for someone unless I know where the image has come from for this reason. So I’d highly recommend deleting that.

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Alright, I’ll delete it then :thinking:

Hey so i found these on a website that was
1.securised by google
2.Free to use.
Il’l try to find the website but these are not stolen or anything like that.

Come to think of it, I saw them somewhere else and someone said they were from a different app. I’ll see if I can find the thread.

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so here’s the link:

and it is stated there that the backgrounds are for Voltage Entertainment USA (which i believe makes otome games/visual novels, and or dating sims)

So I believe that it shouldn’t be used for episode ;-;

Here’s a similar reply I made to another thread too


@Sydney_H please close this thread.

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: