Can someone make me an overlay pls?

Can someone please make me an overlay of the desk in this background without the chairs or anything else?? I would muchhhh appreciate it.

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Yea I can do that real quick. Do you want an overlay of just the chairs as well or just the desk?

either way, here’s the desk!

Oh, I wanted it without the chairs, since the artist already had that one, but thank you anyway

I would ask someone who works with photoshop to remove the chairs. It would take some decent photo editing skills lol

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Okay. Do you know anyone?

Just wondering, where did you get the background from?

I am using it from a private drive

Okay, in which case, does the artist mind you posting it on the forums? And having an overlay made? I always like to check these things, as people tend to take images that are posted and use them if they like them, and the person who made the image then has it used and edited without their knowledge.

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Didn’t think of that! I took it down

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I’ve made an overlay of the desk, and have no intention of using it myself, so if the artist is okay with it, I can send it to you, and if not, I will just delete it.

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Ooh, ok! I’ll ask her

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I got the ok on the overlay!


If there’s any issues with it coming out as a jpeg instead of png, let me know, as the forums glitch keeps changing them.

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This is amazing! Thank you so much!

No worries. I’ll erase it once you’ve saved it.

So, I downloaded it, but it’s not letting me select it, so I can upload it…

Have you saved it? And uploaded as a file? Or what’s it saying?

Yeah, I saved it. I tried to upload it as an overlay, but it won’t let me select it from my downloads. I’m assuming it’s because it’s not the right file?

Yeah it’s probably made it a jpeg. You can either convert it yourself, very simple using a background eraser, or if you give me your email address I will send it there