Can someone make me an overlay..?

Hey, so I need a little help, I was wondering if someone can make me an overlay

can someone take the table and make it an overlay?


Will this work?

Png version👇🏼

I hope this helps💕


Here’s my version. Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Table PNG Overlay



I love it, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

If I’m remembering correctly that is a Choices app background from the freshmen stories.

In which case all of the Background rights belong to the Choices app and you cannot use it.
There are many of these backgrounds shared on Google and Pinterest which is why it’s not safe to find backgrounds on places like that.

Just tagging the three if you so that you’re all aware not to use it.

I recommend asking someone where they found the image before creating overlays/edits of them, just In case they aren’t safe to use :slightly_smiling_face:

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can’t i give them the credit or something? Because this is the only background I found that I actually like?

Unfortunately that is not how it works even if you give them credit it is still copyright infringement. Unless you have permission from the company (which will be impossible) you can not use that background or anything made from it.


Like @bakedpotato has explained credit isn’t a valid way of doing things.
And especially with other apps, it can have serious consequences if it is discovered. Apps have things custom made etc for their use, and so all rights belong to them. Just crediting them wouldn’t be allowed as you haven’t got their permission, and you’d likely never get it either especially for use on another interactive story app.
So plain and simply you just cannot use it.

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I understand, I really didn’t know that but thank you for explaining it to me, guess I’ll have to look for other background

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but also just out of curiosity what are the consequences?

Consequences can be you getting legal action taken against you for breaching copyright. In which case depending on if the company/person who owns the rights to the image, wants to take action further, they can sue you.
This is why Episode make you tick that box, so that if you upload something that you don’t have the rights to, it’s not held against them, just the person who’s uploaded the image.

Again, I strongly advise you not to look on Google, Pinterest etc. But look at background creators on the forums, episode catalogue, episodelife, pixabay… those places have backgrounds that are safe to use.

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and how do I know if i can use the image? Also, do you know from where I can find background who are safe to use? and I’m sorry for asking so many questions I’m just new and don’t understand everything yet.

Find royalty free websites for backgrounds to use or you can make some on your own using episodes backgrounds as long as you don’t distribute them to others.

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how do i find these websites?

Just search up unsplash or pixabay just make sure there are no brands included in the background. Another alternative is on Instagram there are background creator that allow you to use their backgrounds for free as long as you follow their terms and conditions. Also @Cheyara_Skadi is a background creator themselves if you find their thread and follow the rules.

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i will thank you so much.

Links to sites for free backgrounds:



Free images:

Episodelife: (backgrounds & overlays as well as script templates). Episode Life

Other background free sources:

When using these make sure to follow their rules💕

Flowergriefer: (she is talented and has amazing backgrounds & overlays)

Amiepisode: @amepisode | Linktree

Official background sharing thread: Official Background Sharing Thread

Official overlay sharing thread:

Cinnamon toastie: Overlay Two Words Colored and Shift - #19 by Episoidewriter007

Orangeweedie: @orangeweedie.episode | Linktree

My drive💕 Episoidewriter007 backgrounds & overlays - Google Drive

There are much more, you just have to look around💕

I hope this helps💕


Images must be free for commercial use, which almost every single one on places like pixabay are. There are loads of background creators in the episode community. I have a drive myself which you can see examples of if you go to my background drive thread and can find the info on how to gain access to my drive.

Cheyara Skadi Background Drive

thank you that helps a lot

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thank you, I’ll check it out