Can someone make me art?


I need a picture with these two love birds together for the intro is anyone up for it?


@Epy.Raven can i think lol


I can depending on what you are wanting


I would prefer an edited one If that’s what your referring to.


Do you have a background you want with them? and there already in there poses? Do you want it to say anything? And do you want me to have her face him or him face her?


I want them facing each other with repeating history on top with them leaning against a motorcycle and If you have background in front of a school that would be great.


Any of these work?


the last one is my favorite


Okay it’s 1:40am here and storming my internet keeps going in and out so it is okay if I get it to you tomorrow?


Yup I can

What’s the details


yeah it good I am waiting for backgrounds to approve anyway


what would you like to know?


The background


A school hallway or outside the school


I had to get a new phone I dropped and broke my phone today. :pensive: So I am working on it and will have to you tonight. :blush:


Girl your luck sucks


Last two days it had.


I am done. I will message you know. :blush: