Can someone make me cover art please? {Closed for now !}

I’m Looking or cover art.

Story Title: Dilemma
Author Name: Jurnee
Summary: When working in your father’s gang you’re defined as a monster to peoples eyes. Then someone finds out your true heart only that person is your next target. Soon he is in a dilemma
I want both small and large and can you do one with writing and without
Send the art on here please




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I’ll start now.

sure do you want the character edited

oms, @episodereaderfan sorry this is taking me so long.

This might take a day or 2 we are having 2 members make it

i can

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thx do you have it

Not yet, but I’m working on it

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Just a question. Where on the cover should the characters be?

To where should they be facing?

the mad one should be left and the girl should be standing by the boy

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Ok, thank you!

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Oh, and what kind of background?

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@linalilly10 can you please tell me what kind of background?

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a gang background the descriptition is at the top

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Take as long as you want. Thank you also :blue_heart::blue_heart: