Can someone make me overlays?


i need a overlays that saying;
The Birthday Party
Hope you enjoyed
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To be Continued


Those are called splashes, and there are many great splash makers out there, but I can’t remember. (face palm)
I’m sorry I can’t help.
(calling out to people who make splashes)


ik but i need overlay not splashes


So, overlay banners? I’m really confused. People usually make those things splashes.


i have already the background of the splashes
but i wanted overlays bcz i want to test something xd


So u want an overlay of the text?




What font of colour would u like it in?
and I might not have that specific font :sweat_smile:


i dont really care which font, use what you like :smiley:


What about the colour?


Same i dont care but i prefer white xd