Can someone make me some overlays please?

Oh I’m so sorry. I have a friend called Ezra and I got mixed up. I’ll fix it in the morning because it’s 3 am here rn. I hope that’s okay.

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That’s alright! Oh, yikes, yeah, sleep is way more important! And it’s perfectly alright! You already did so much! Thank you!

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Sorry to both you again, but how do you convert your octet-stream images to PNG ones? I tried searching for some image convertors on the internet, but I couldn’t find any that worked. And when I try to save the image as a PNG image, Episode still says it’s an octet-stream image.

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Really that’s weird I uploaded them as png. It might be because I uploaded them on my laptop and sent them in my phone because my laptop died. I’ll resend them in the morning and I’m really sorry I tried to make sure taht wouldn’t happen.

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Oh no, don’t be sorry. Thank you so much! You did so much! Sleep well!

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If you still need help

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Sorry it took longer than I thought.

White Overlays

I did the first 4 ones in lowercase and uppercase and in 2 different fonts so you can decide what you prefer.

![overlay dylan (1)|690x388]
(upload://le0nG1vj38wSgqYiJynRKXNvpkx.png) ![overlay dylan (2)|690x388]

The other overlays

I did them in bold and normal because the bold one looks more similar to your oes.

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This is just the same thing sent from my laptop. I’ll send you the changed ones in a minute.

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Thank you so much! They look great! :slight_smile:

Here’s one changed to Erza from Ezra

Are they working now?

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Sorry, it says the same thing. I think it’s probably something I’m doing.

Oh no. How are you downloading them?

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Using files, by pressing 'Save Image As."

Are you saving them as PNGs like this

I’m just trying to see if its on my side so I can fix it.

That bottom bar doesn’t appear for me. I’m using a Chromebook.

Oh I’m using Windows. Well it might be saving as the other really common file type for images jpeg. Are you able to go into the downloaded image and see like the advanced details of it where it says what type of file it is?

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Whenever I see the file’s original name, it ends in “.png” which I’m assuming means that it’s already PNG. I tried looking for the advanced settings, but I don’t think they’re there.

Yes if it says .png it is a png. Can you show a picture of what is happening when you try to upload them? Like the thing that pops up.

I tried clicking in “PNG files” too, but it didn’t work. Sorry for bothering you.