Can someone make me some overlays?


Hey, so i’ve been trying to find someone to make me some overlays for my story, I would like:
-A phone call with the name Atz on it, basically an iphone with a calling screen saying Atz.
-A iphone with the iphone lock screen but the wallpaper should just be a dragon or something I don’t mind.
-Then 3 text messages all saying Atz was the one who messaged him, 1st one saying ‘Ayo Tyrone’, 2nd one ‘Tyrone allow hop on quick’ and the last one ‘Tyrone this is mad, we need you’.
-Then the same thing as the 1st one but with the name T’stackz(EL) on it and the phone looking like its on a table.
If you can do it please tell me.


Hey I made this for u, just tell me if u like it then I’ll do the rest!


Oh my god, thank you so much, that looks amazing! If you can, could you please make the rest?


Sure I’ll get started on it now


Thank you!


Second one…


Thank you!!


Can u pls explain to me the last one again? I don’t understand it lol


So basically the last one a phone with the calling screen saying T’stackz(EL) but I would like it to look like it’s sitting on a table and also the same thing calling screen but saying Atz and it standing up right. If you need an example I can show you one


I think I understand dw


Do u want just a slab of wood or like the whole table ?


here’s the one for Atz. I can add a wooden table underneath but I didn’t know if u wanted it for him or not


Is this ok?


I also made this x


Thank you so much!


sorry for the late reply, but everything is amazing thank you!


Dw just please credit my group Episode-dreams (their forum name) if u do use my overlays!!

And u can ask me to change anything u want :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Okay I will, I’ll message you if I need anymore overlays