Can someone make me two splashes?


So I need a splash that says This story will be continued and Follow me. I need it to be in limelight style also. If you are interested can you post some images of previous work down below and i’ll PM you the details


If you don’t find anyone let me know. I could covers but I could do the splashes also. Just don’t have splashes to show only covers. :pensive: Just let me know.:blush:


I can mke you soem splashes


Can I see an example?


Yeah sure let me get it from teh phone


If you don’t already have someone I can do one splash or cover


Do you have any examples??


Sure hold on



Can you show me some examples of your covers


These look great. Can you do one of the splashes for me. It’s basically should just say. Follow me @Episode.TR
These are the details
Skin Gold04
Face Diamond
Hair - Long feathered - Jet black
Brows - Arched Natural
Eyes- Round downturned Wide
Nose - defined natural
Lips Full heart pouty Red matte


Ok kool any pose you want and what clothing and background


Next question what’s the colour of the eyes


Are you still needing them? Just got on today


Well I’m getting one splash done but I want them to be different artists


I coudl mak you a splash


Okay just send me a message on what you are wanting and I will do it! :slight_smile: I like having different artists for things I like the different styles.


Hey you haven’t told me what clothing you wanted or pose and the colour of the eyes


Do you still need because I can do it