Can someone make my story cover please?

I have a really cool concept for my story cover but I don’t know how to make it! Can someone please help me out?

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Hey what is the concept I might be able to help :blush:

well my story is about 5 random teens being suspect for a girls murder (kind of like a mixture of the breakfast club and pretty little liars while the story takes place on a luxury yacht)

so I was thinking maybe the bigger cover (the banner I think? not sure, i’m new at this lol) would just be all five kids lined up next to each others with handcuffs on, but it would just show the area between their knees and abdomen if that makes sense?

and for the main over, I was thinking that it could be a cover of my main girl’s silhouette in a mugshot and the story title would be written on that little black board thingy? and she’d also be wearing her masquerade ball outfit, same for the banner cover, they’d be wearing their masquerade outfits too.

if that’s too much for you it’s no problem, I could probably just teach myself how to make a cover:)

I’m trying to figure out how I can make the covers but it would really help me if you sent screenshots of the characters you want to place in the bigger cover (the 5 teens) and then a screenshot of the girl with her dress…

sure! I’m working on getting those screenshots right now, my phone and computer are super slow. should they be in specific poses or anything?

It would be really helpful if the screenshots of the 5 teens somehow had the arms down and together (for example animation idle_terrified_loop or the cute one with the hands down-> the one where another character has its finger and traces it to the person’s cheek) and they should be wearing the outfits that you chose for them (I believe they were the masquerade ball outfits). Then for the main cover the girl in the pose that you want her to be.

in order, the characters are Joni (main), Lizzy, Leo, Spencer and Tommy. But for the cover, I’d like the order to be Leo, Spencer, Joni, Lizzy and Tommy

sorry that it’s so blurry, I tried everything I could to fix it but nothing worked! I also had a change in the banner cover, if you don’t mind. instead of it just being in between the knees and abdomen, it’d just be from the waist up so it’s more simple?

Also, if you (or anyone else) wants to go all out for me, they could just recreate that iconic TBC photoshoot?

(Lizzy would take Claire’s place, Joni would take Allison’s place, Leo would take Brians place, Tommy would take Andrews place and Spencer would take Benders place)

I know this is asking for a lot but this would be greatly appreciated:)

also, forgot to add, for the main cover, I would like for Joni to have this pose

as she’s holding the mugshot

Okay! I’ll work on it and see what I can make :smile:

P.S: You want the 5 characters to have handcuffs, right? In that case I will use some free download images from the web, just so you are informed :slightly_smiling_face:

they don’t need to have handcuffs anymore, but thanks for asking!

Oh okay! So do you want any specific background for the 5 teens? I was thinking maybe something like the ocean at night…

that would be cute actually! and maybe they could be right infront of a crime scene too? so there would be caution tape behind them with blood and people in the background would be taking pictures? whatevers easiest for you!

I forgot to ask you what’s the story title? So I can write it at the top of the main cover with a font or type of calligraphy you want…

oops, my bad lol, the title is Cruel Intentions, i haven’t thought of any specific fonts but maybe just something mysterious but still simple?

Okay, I got it! I’ll upload the covers as soon as I finish them. One more thing about the 5 teen cover, do you want me to do the cover like in the front part of a yacht? I think I can do the “Breakfast Club” inspired cover if you send me screenshots of Lizzy in a pose similar to Claire’s and Leo in a pose similar to Brian’s… :thinking::thinking:

it could be in an empty ballroom like area! and i’ll get the screenshots as fast as i can!

This is what the main cover looks like…

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these were the best ones i could find

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thats so cute i love it!!